My biggest “payday” comes when one of my colleagues or students takes time out of their busy day to say “thank you.” 

My life purpose is to make a positive difference in people’s lives and these testimonials are a constant reminder to me to never lose focus on my Core Values as a person;  Integrity, Passion, Positivity, Encouragement and Perseverance.


“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel” – Carl W. Buechner


“Eric is an exceptional planner and has a talent for bringing out the best in people. He has a very good understanding of the issues facing new business owners and will be an excellent mentor and role model to all those looking to be a business leader.”  - Simon L.


“I have worked very closely with Eric Land for four years. I can easily say Eric is one of a kind and possesses natural drive and passion to achieve and surpass any goal he sets for himself. Eric’s self motivation, enthusiasm and integrity sets him apart from any other. If I could pick one person to, “get the job done”, this person would be Mr. Eric Land.” - Shane R.


“Eric is a highly motivated person with a passionate personality that spreads to everyone around him. He’s able to focus the day-to-day work mixed with strategic vision. Eric was a pleasure to work with and brought the best out of everyone around him….including myself!” - Mike S.


“Eric is a true servant leader. Humbly promoting others and always encouraging their best work and their best self. Eric’s strong leadership allows his team to pull together and rise above challenges as well as individually growing and reaching their goals. Eric is also a pleasure to be around. He has an amazing personality and a great sense of humor that can get anyone laughing. I’d work with him in a heartbeat and am proud to call him a friend.” - Sandy U.


“Eric is one of the nicest, smartest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His sincerity is valuable and rare. He is conscientious and honest and knows how to handle things. If the opportunity presented itself, I would work with him again in an instant!” - Ingrid L.


“Eric is a positive, humorous, leader with the ability to get the attention of many people with his outgoing personality. He is a blast to work with and I’m sure he is the best to work for.”  – Brycen S.


“I had the pleasure of working with Eric for a year and a half. Eric re-writes the defintion of relationship builder.  He is a great motivator and he puts a huge amount of himself working to make others the best that they can be . I would recommend Eric as a business partner to anyone that I know as I can guarantee you won’t get a more dedicated, passionate and talented person.” - Mick K.


“Eric mentored me in what was my first “professional” role out of college.  Always focused on his team, Eric constantly pushed me to improve my skill set and learn new things. He gave me ample opportunity to prove myself over and over while always giving me feedback and reinforcement. Eric has been one of the best leaders and mentors I’ve been around, his perspective on the larger picture in work and life helped me become a better person and professional. For that, I’m forever grateful to have called him a boss and a friend.” - Brett T.


“Eric, I congratulate you on starting your dream project. Since we met a few years ago you were one of the leaders I have looked up for explanations and directions. Your winner attitude and willingness to lend hand when asked made it easy for me to approach you for support. Your support was specifically crucial in defining the relationships with our customers. Your interest in my success was genuine and upfront. Every time I finished a discussion with you I have walked out enlightened and motivated. I am confident that these are the habits and principles you will carry over to your new customers. Thank you and best wishes in your new endeavor.” - Ephraim M.


“Representing qualities often forgotten in our fast-paced world, Eric encompasses kindness, dedication and teamwork. His ability to work with others to gain trust, respect and admiration is truly a gift and his drive for success is evident. Eric is connected, tuned in and driven; a born leader.”  - Kristin G.


“You will not find a more passionate and loyal person. Eric always gives a 100% and helping his customer succeed is his top priority.” - Brian E.


“Eric is always forward thinking and optimistic. He always looks for the “positive” side of any given situation and drives with a personality that is genuine and welcoming.” - Brandy H.


“Eric Land is one of the hardest-working most reliable people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Eric takes great pride in developing the people he worked with and growing those employees into great assets to any company.
Working with Eric has been a highlight of my professional career and I would jump at the opportunity to work with him again in any capacity.” - BJ M.


“One would be hard pressed to find someone as dedicated and loyal to their craft as Eric. No matter the challenge, Eric is always driven to succeed and positively influences everyone around him to meet their potential. A class act, proven winner, with a great attitude and mindset. I feel fortunate to have worked with Mr. Land.” - Robert C.


“Eric is an absolute gem and has an unparalleled knack for seeing business situations from a bird’s eye view. I worked with Eric  for nearly 4 years, and his attention to detail, hard work, skillful communication and passion attributed to the most successful facet of the company. I truly hope to work with Mr. Land again in the future, and I can say with confidence that he will be successful in any venture he chooses to pursue. I am really looking forward to seeing what he does next.” - Mary M.


“Eric uniquely combines the ability to genuinely understand others with the ability to execute at a very high level, two skills rarely found together, and a solid foundation of trustworthiness. I recommend and endorse Eric with great enthusiasm.” - Kathy S.


“I worked with Eric for nearly two years. There isn’t a person I know that is more well-liked. His passion for bringing out the best in everyone he works with is evident and he brings unbelievable enthusiasm with him every day. I can’t recommend him highly enough!” - Jordan S.


“Eric is a joy to work with. He has great dedication and respect for his business partners and colleagues. Eric is very encouraging, positive and has always been able to assist in finding a great solution to the problem we may come across. I highly recommend Eric. He gets the job done, in a timely fashion and always with a smile!” - Tanya H.


“Eric is a person who takes a lot of pride in his work and gives full effort to accomplishing his goals. As someone who worked in the same group, his commitment to his job compelled me to take the same approach. The result was Eric was a central figure in the growth of one of the most dynamic companies in the country.
Eric is someone that was looked to for leadership and he was relied upon to produce.” - Casey P.


“Eric has established a strong connection with colleagues and business partners. Eric will work relentlessly to understand the underlying opportunity, and strategically develop a plan to resolve roadblocks to success.” - Jon T.