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Online Marketing – Simply Life Changing!

It is amazing to see how the online marketing industry has changed over the past ten years - for a start we used to all call it search engine optimisation.  I started my first company back in 2001 and from the very beginning I was encouraged to market the business online in whatever way I could: buying thousands of links, keyword stuffing my online content.

As I’m sure you can imagine, this online marketing strategy did not get me very far.  Honestly, it absolutely sucked!

It was not until early 2011 that I realized that I needed to start marketing my business online in a different way.  The old school ways of SEO were a thing of the past.  I looked high and low for an online marketing strategy that would work.  My life and business have changed ever since!


I could write a novel about all of the tools and resources that I tried but in the end the digital marketing system that worked best was based on the philosophy of attraction marketing.

Attraction marketing is based on the idea that you should help others and be a leader instead of always presenting your business opportunity first.

Once people trust you they will be more open to hearing about your business opportunity.

The marketing tools and training that I undertook are a large part of my secret weapon arsenal.  I don’t have exact numbers but I am willing to guess that there are over 1000 hours of video training available online and I has done much of it! Training on article marketing, video marketing, prospecting, ppc, Facebook, Twitter, and much, much more.

If you are serious about growing your business then you cannot avoid getting into online marketing.

Yes, you can still build a business using the old school ways of marketing but you can do it ten times faster if you adapt to the changing times and start using a proven marketing system.

You are doing yourself a dis-favor if you are not using SEO and digital marketing to build your business.