Is There an Amway Scam?

Amway is quite possibly the most well known company in the network marketing industry.  If you have been in this industry for any of amount of time I guarantee that you know someone that has been in Amway.

Why?  Because they have been around for 52 years and have millions of distributors in their organization!  So let me squash this question once and for all.  Is there an Amway Scam?  NO!

If you are reading this, chances are you are currently an Amway rep or are looking to join the company.  Before proceeding, let it be known that I am not associated with this company.  My goal is to provide an unbiased third party review on the organization, leadership, products and compensation plan.

Now that you know that there is no “Amway Scam” let’s take a look at the business.


The Amway Organization and Leadership

Amway was founded 52 years ago when they offered their original product known as L.O.C. (liquid Organic Cleaner).  Currently Amway is one of the world’s largest network marketing companies operating in over 80 countries and territories. In 1959, Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos founded the Amway Corporation.

The current President is Doug Devos who oversees the daily operations of the company.  Doug is the youngest son of Rich DeVos.  he is involved with numerous organizations including the World Federation Direct Selling Association, National Constitution Center and Business Leaders for Michigan. Steve Van Andel is the current Chairman and has been since 1995.  He is the oldest son of Jay Van Andel and served as Amway’s vice president prior to taking the role as Chairman.

I can guarantee that if there were an actual Amway Scam there guys would have been locked up years ago!

The organization is currently involved with several well known charities such as the Easter Seals, Boys and Girls Club, U.S. Dream Academy and the SOS Children’s Village.  In addition to making large yearly donations to the above charities, Amway also assists with children in Haiti.  Even with all of this charity work I still here, “why do people fall for that Amway Scam!”


Amway Products – What Do They Sell?

amway scamAmway has a very large portfolio of products.  This should be expected from a company that is 52 years old.  Their family of brands include Nutrilite, Artistry, eSpring, ATMOSPHERE, iCook, and SATINQUE.

The products found within these families range from dietary supplements all the way to kitchenware. Independent Business Owners for Amway certainly should not have an excuse that they don’t have enough products to sell.

The Amway portfolio is one of the most diversified portfolios that any network marketing company offers.  “Amway Scam?”  I don’t think so!

This can be good or bad for IBO’s.  It is good because IBO’s have a large array of products to sell.  However, I think this can also be a bad thing.  I always believe that IBO’s are the most successful if they focus on one product line or one product.


The Amway Compensation Model

There are several ways to make money with the Amway business model.  As with most network marketing companies IBO’s can earn retail mark-up on product sales to customers.  In addition to retail mark-ups, IBO’s can earn monthly bonuses ranging from 3%-25% of their total downline business volume.  IBO’s can also win cash rewards, business incentives and award trips.

Amway Scam Squashed!

Amway has one of the world’s largest network marketing organizations in the world because they have been around for 52 years.  They have a great leadership team a very diverse product portfolio and a lucrative compensation plan.  There are many millionaires in this world thanks to Amway and the only reason why people believe there is an “Amway Scam” is because people join the business and expect the business to build itself.

You may be asking yourself, “why do so many people fail to build large Amways businesses.”  The answer is simple.  They do not know how to properly marketing their business. The “old school” ways of building a network marketing business are quickly fading away.  Chasing friends and family members around is a thing of the past and does not work anymore.

The top online recruiters are generating hundreds of targeted mlm leads every single day by using the power of the internet to attract network marketers to their business.  It is critical to understand how attraction marketing works if you want to be successful in this industry.  All of the top Amway recruiters generate leads using the Internet.  Learn how to generate leads online and you will never say there is an Amway Scam again!