ACN Scam? Really?

I was recently reading that Donald Trump endorses ACN.  In fact, now that I think about it I remember seeing ACN on the Celebrity Apprentice.  I’m fairly confident that if there was actually an ACN scam, they wouldn’t be featured on the Celebrity Apprentice.

It is certainly nice that Mr. Trump respects and promotes the Network Marketing Industry!  If you are reading this review, chances are you are either already involved with ACN or you are doing your due diligence and are looking for some more information before you join.

Personally, I am not involved with ACN.  My goal is to provide an unbiased third party review on the company, leadership, products and compensation plan.


ACN | Organization and Leadership

ANS’s world headquarters are located in Concord, NC.  Currently, they operate in more than 20 countries through the Pacific, Europe, Asia and North America and they specifically tailor their products to meet the needs in each of those countries (more on the products later in this review).

In 2011, they were featured in both the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.  They have had several appearances in Success from Home and in the August 2011 edition more than 80% of the magazine was dedicated to ACN.  On March 27th, 2011, the company made its second appearance on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice where the entire episode featured their latest video phone.  Again, this right here should prove to you that there is no ACN scam!

The company was founded by four individuals:  Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz, and Mike Cupisz.  Greg is committed to encouraging all of the independent business owners with daily personal growth.  He enjoys driving the company’s  vision and mission deep into the organization.  If there were an actual ACN scam these guys would be behind bars.

Mr. Stevanovski focuses on growing the companies portfolio while ensuring that ACN is always providing the best products and services.  Tony and Mike Cupisz focus on building the right tools and resources so that all of the independent business owners are well equipped to build international businesses from the very start.


ACN’s Product Portfolio

ACN has a very diverse technology based portfolio that targets both residential and small businesses.  Services include phone, video phone, wireless, customer support, television, internet, natural gas, electricity, and home security.

I am not going to go into detail on each of these services as they are pretty self explanatory.  For more detailed information please visit ACN’s corporate website.


Want to Get Paid?  ACN’s Compensation Plan

ACN Independent Business Owners can earn compensation in two different ways.  First, they can earn monthly residual income commissions based on the usage of their customers ACN’s services.  In addition, they also earn commissions from their downline and their downlines customers.  Every IBO (Independent Business Owner) starts out as a Team Trainer.  As an IBO’s business grows they can achieve new ranks with the highest being the Senior Vice President.

The second way to earn income in through weekly and monthly bonuses based on customer acquisition.  Known as Customer Acquisition Bonuses, these bonuses are paid out only when new customers are acquired.


Closing Statement – There Is No ACN Scam!

After reviewing the ACN business model it is clear why Donald Trump promotes them and why there is no such thing as an ACN scam.  They have a well qualified team of leaders that are dedicated to helping the IBO’s with their business success.  The product is not very unique but with the right pricing and sales model IBO’s should be able to tap into the lucrative compensation plan.

Whether you are looking to start an ACN business or you are currently trying to build an ACN business it is critical that you have an online marketing strategy.  The top ACN online recruiters are using one simple system to recruit online MLM Leads from the internet.  They are ditching the “Old School” ways of network marketing (chasing friends and family members) and they are tapping into the internet to build massive businesses.

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They all know that there is no ACN scam:)

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