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MLSP | My Lead System Pro

I’m not sure if you’ve heard or not but MLSP is kind of a big deal.  After hearing a tremendous amount of buzz in the industry about MLSP I just had to check it out for myself. I was a bit skeptical after test driving several other attraction marketing systems but I figured I would give it a go.

Have your friends ever hyped up a movie so much that you couldn’t wait to see it? Halfway through the movie you start to get a little upset because the movie is the worst thing that you have ever seen? At the end of the movie you feel completely deflated because you just wasted two hours of your life watching an over-hyped movie.

Trust me, this industry is full over over-hyped products that do not deliver what they promise. I proceeded with caution and joined MLSP for a 14 day test drive. I had my fingers crossed that MLSP would deliver what they promised.

MLSP – What Makes It a Big Deal?

After joining I followed the step by step instructions on how to get the system set up.  I also watched the How To Conquer the Internet DVD which I thought was very well put together and would help any newbie in the industry understand how the funnel works.

After going through the the initial setup I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of video training that Norbert, Todd and Brian provide.  One of the big complaints that I had in the past with other attraction marketing systems is that they were too damn complicated to set up.

Todd, Brian and Norbert are actual Network Marketers that run full time Internet Marketing businesses and they understand what it’s like when starting out.  The more info, the better.  The program definitely over delivers on video tutorials.

Once I completed the training I wanted to test drive the Campaign Management portion of MLSP.  The video tutorials walked me through the entire process and I had my first MLSP online campaign up and running within 15 minutes.  The great thing about these campaigns is that you can customize them and make them your own.

They also have hosting so that you can set up a custom domain for your campaigns.  I was beginning to see why MLSP was creating such buzz in the industry.

After setting up my campaign I ventured into the Marketing Strategies area of the website and I was beyond shocked at how much content was there.  In the past, attraction marketing companies would tell you how to set up a campaign but then they would hang you out to dry.  Folks would have websites up and running but they wouldn’t have any traffic going to their websites.  It’s like opening a restaurant and not having any customers walk through the front door.  Found within MLSP’s Marketing Strategies section you are given a plethora of traffic strategies that you can use to get targeted traffic to your campaign.

MLSP’s provides in-depth training on the following marketing strategies:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Meetup Groups, Content, Article, Video, Blogging, Pay Per Click etc.  The list goes on and on.  You could probably spend 1-year and never get through all of the training found in this one section of MLSP.  In addition to all of the prior mentioned strategies MLSP also has hundreds of recorded webinars from industry leaders that teach hours upon hours of Internet Marketing strategies.

MLSP – The Final Verdict

After dabbling with several attraction marketing systems in the past I can honestly say that MLSP under promises and over delivers.  I could easily write a 100 page eBook on MLSP and everything that they offer.  MLSP is an incredible marketing system that allows you to build your primary business while providing you with 15-20 other income streams.

In addition to getting commission for bringing other Internet Marketing individuals to MLSP, you can also set up multiple other income steams with Affiliate Marketing offers that MLSP promotes.  It’s pure genius.  MLSP will keep your from making excuses on why you can’t succeed in this industry!

I’m so confident with MLSP, that I offer 2 – 30 minute one-on-one training sessions for every new member that joins my team.  The first session is during your first week with MLSP so that I can help you set up your first campaign.  The second training session is during your 5th week.  During the 2nd training session I will look at your progress and provide you with marketing tips.  All of this is covered in detail in my Free 5 Day Video Training Course that can be found on the home screen of my blog.

You can also join me by clicking here:  MLSP

Attraction Marketing systems come and attraction marketing systems go, but I fully anticipate that My Lead System Pro will be sticking around for many more years to come.  If you are serious about taking your Internet and Network Marketing companies to the next level you need to spend $9.97 and get started today.  I look forward to working with you.