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If you are reading this, chances are you are struggling to build your online business.  Don’t feel like you are alone.  95% of the people that get involved in starting a new business fail at ever making any decent income.  For some, it is definitely a lack of self confidence.  For others, it is an expectation that money grows on trees and they don’t understand why their business is not making hundreds of thousands of dollars two weeks after starting it. But even those with all the elements of a good business plan, a well-researched idea and the confidence to make it work can fall down if they don't properly account for the importance of SEO and digital marketing.



The individuals (such as myself) that are seeing incredible results from their online businesses are the ones that are using digital mrketing (or online marketing) by which I don't mean wasting money on Pay-per-Click Advertising.  It was not until early 2011 that I finally realised how important online marketing was and started applying to my own business.  Before discovering this I was constantly trying yet failing over and over again trying to build my business using the “old school” marketing methods.

The First Few Months of Digital Marketing

I was introduced to Digital Marketing by a business mentor of mine and I finally realized that I was completely building my business the wrong way.  Without hesitation I started to use the power of online marketing.

The first thing that I did was start my blog.  This is probably the most important aspect of the entire approach.  You need to position yourself as a leader in the industry.   As a leader in the industry you start to gain individual's trust and you start gaining a following of people that want to learn from you.  This means that when they are in the market to buy products or services they will buy them from you.  It’s simply magical.

The Sky Is The Limit!

I have made a personal commitment to myself and to my family that I WILL NOT fail at my business venture this time around.  When I first started my own business over 10 years ago I didn’t have two toddlers to support.  They are my driving force and nothing is going to get in my way.  I produce content every single day.  I write blog posts, record videos and write at least one article every single day!

The sky is the limit and I’m not stopping anytime soon!