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Backlinking Facebook Group of Masterminding Maniacs!

Are you currently trying to get your posts and blog to rank high in the search engines? Are you struggling to get results? Currently, I am using an incredible online social syndication platform known as Tribepro to get 2500-3000 powerful social syndication backlinks to my articles, videos and blog posts. However, there is a BIG piece of the puzzle missing from Tribepro that I have found!

Using a Facebook Group to Syndicate Content

While laying in bed last night struggling to fall asleep (my mind is always going a thousand miles per hour) I came up with an idea.

You see, members within Tribepro do not share others content on Facebook. This happens for obvious reasons – they don’t want hundreds of articles and posts submitted to their walls. The solution to this problem is to use Tribepro in conjunction with a Facebook Group where we can all share content.

Are you aware that Facebook has a Google page rank of 9! Now what does that mean? That means that Google gives some serious props to Facebook and that’s because Facebook is taking over the world. There are now over 800 million people on Facebook. I’m just wondering when Facebook and Walmart are going to pair up to create the mega-supercenter-social-platorm. In all honesty though, we need to work together to use the power of this platform to share our content.

Simply put, I have created a Facebook Group where we can all share our blog content. Now you might be thinking to yourself, “Well that’s great Eric you selfish jerk!….What’s in it for me?”

Here’s where the tribe mentality really takes hold and where we can build some MASSIVE backlinks:

Step 1: Create your own Facebook Group

Step 2: Post content to your groups wall.

Step 3: Everyone in your group shares that content to their own groups wall.

Step 4: You share the content of other group members on your wall.

Trust me when I say that this is incredibly easy to do. Let’s say we build a tribe of 100 members. If we each post content once a day and share that content on each others wall we are getting massive backlinks and credibility for our blogs! Do you understand how powerful 100 Facebook shares of your content is? Very, very powerful!

Facebook Group Final Thoughts

For this to work we ALL need to share each others content. My goal is to build a huge community of like-minded entrepreneurs that share each others content on a daily basis. Using a Facebook Group to do this is the piece of the missing puzzle.

It is my hope that you grasp just how powerful this can be. We are ALL in this together with a common goal of creating FREEDOM for ourselves and our families. If you ready to start getting some powerful “Shares” and backlinks of your content please follow these steps:

Step 1: Join my Facebook Group

Step 2: Create your own Facebook group

Step 3: Post content to your wall

Step 4: Share my content in your group and I will share your content in my group.

Simple enough – Let’s make it happen!