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How Digital Marketing Saved My Life!

Yes, it’s true, digital marketing saved my life!   Back in 2001 I started my first business.  Unfortunately I failed miserably because at that time I didn’t know how to properly build and market a business.  After 16 months of consistent “no’s” and failure I threw in the towel and called it quits! At the time SEO and digital marketing were still relatively new techniques producing unreliable results (hence all Google's regular updates ever since on how it decides which website to rank where in the search listings). But starting a business today is another matter entirely.

My Journey in Corporate America

After failing at my first attempt to build a business I did what all 21 year olds are supposed to do.  I graduated from college and entered into corporate America!  Over the course of the next few years I jumped around from job to job.  I simply could not find something that allowed me to be creative.  Every job that I found had all of these “corporate policies” and “strict guidelines” that kept all of their employees in a box.

After jumping around from job to job for a few years I found a start-up company in my home town of Fort Collins, CO that was looking to expand.  I was offered a sales position so I took it!  I was officially the 28th employee and the best part about the position is that I had freedom!  I could be creative and come up with new ideas to drive sales and business.

After 4 years, the company had grown to over 400 employees and was ranked in the top 100 privately held companies on the Inc. 500 list.  We had experienced hyper-growth and business was booming!  It was booming so much that I was working 70+ hours a week and I was beyond stressed out.  I was stressed out so much that I had a mini-stroke at the age of 31.  My body completely shut down and the next thing I knew I was laying in a hospital listening to the heart rate monitors.

The Decision That Might Have Saved My Life

As I laid in the hospital bed I started to reflect on my life.  I had a beautiful wife, two incredible children and a great career.  However, my wife hated me, my children did not know me and the only thing that mattered to me was meeting corporate deadlines and impressing the new management team.  I finally started to realize that over the course of the last 4 years I had completely neglected my family, children and health.

I came to the conclusion that it was time to take back my life.  There is more to life than a “job” and a big paycheck.  I knew that I had always wanted to run my own business so I started searching online for options.  After weeks upon weeks of searching the best option was to get into digital marketing.

The philosophy and methodologies that online marketing promoted made complete sense to me!  Using the power of attraction marketing I could build a digital marketing business online with minimal capital outlay, work from home and get to know my family again.  It was brilliant!

I quickly got to work and started implementing everything that I could learn.  Leads started flowing into my email inbox and I started to see amazing results!  On September 2nd, 2011 I said goodbye to corporate America and “hello” to my life again!

The best part about this entire journey is that I have my life back.  My wife and I are best friends again and I get to take my son and daughter to school every day.  Had I continued traveling down the path that I was on prior to landing in the hospital I have no doubt that I would be divorced, unhappy and possibly 6 feet under.