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Do You Have A Business Blog?

If you are involved with any sort of online business, whether that's digital marketing, online training, B2B or e-commerce you should definitely have a blog, and not just any old blog but a great blog with great content.  The digital marketing industry is currently undergoing a massive paradigm shift and the old school ways of building a successful online business are quickly fading into the darkness.

Back in 2001 I started my first online business.  During that time I did not have a blog and I barely used email.  I built my business using the old school methods such as building a list of contacts and going to every networking event I could find.  Was I very successful?  Absolutely not.  It takes a tremendous amount of time building a business using the old school methods.  Thankfully, the internet has given online entrepreneurs and all sorts of other entrepreneurs the ability to build worldwide businesses.

Why a Blog Is So Important

First and foremost, any business is all about building relationships; that's just as true of an online retailer as it is of a project management training company or an accountancy firm or a web designer.  There is a reason why we talk about “networking”.  A blog is a perfect platform to build relationships with people from all over he world.  By applying the philosophy of attraction marketing to your blog you can easily break down the relationship barrier with people without ever meeting them.

Your blog should be used for one purpose:  to provide a tremendous amount of value to your readers.  You should never try to sell your products, services or your opportunity.  Instead, offer your readers resources and help to solve their problems.  You should always have a resource page on your blog that promotes products that you currently use in your business.  Once people start to trust you and see you as a leader in this industry they will begin to purchase these resources using your affiliate links.

As you start to build more of a following your image and brand continues to gain value.  Believe it or not, your blog is a wonderful avenue to brand yourself in any industry.  If you produce good content and provide a lot of value to your readers you start to position yourself as a leader in this industry.  Why is this important?  People buy things from those that they perceive as leaders.  You should always have an opt-in box on your blog where your readers can put in their name and email address in exchange for something of value.  You will be amazed at how many qualified, targeted leads you will begin to produce on a daily basis if you have a nice blog with good quality content.  Again, it all goes back to the power of attraction marketing.

Build Your Business Using Your Blog

The main objective of your blog is to start generating leads for your business.  My path to fulfilling and successful a career in training started with my blog. My personal blog is used to generate 50-100 leads per week.  I predict that it won't be long before I will be getting 50-100 leads per day as my traffic continues to increase.   The sky is the limit as my blog continues to see more and more traffic.

It is amazing to see how so many industries have transformed over the past 10 years.  I strongly recommend that you consider starting your own blog if you want to position yourself as a leader in your industry and build a large worldwide following.