Empower Network Scam? Don’t Join Until You Read This!

Is there an Empower Network Scam?

It Certainly Seems Like Everyone Wants To Know!

As a full-time Internet Marketer that has seen his fair share of Internet scams I certainly understand your concern and I commend you for doing your homework.  Early on in my Internet Marketing career I was taken for thousands of dollars simply because I was naive and didn’t know how to tell a scam from a real business opportunity.

By the end of this post you will be able to confidently answer whether or not there is an Empower Network Scam.

When Investigating a Company You Need To Look at Three Things…

  • Are There Affiliates In The Company Seeing Results and Making Money?
  • Is There True Value Being Exchanged For Money?
  • Is There a Product Being Offered?

What I have discovered is that by answering these three questions you can determine whether or not you will be scammed.

empower network scamThe Empower Network was launched on October 31st, 2011 by David Wood and David Sharpe who are both well respected in the Internet Marketing Industry.  In fact, David Wood has personally created one of the biggest Internet Marketing empires over the past 2 years using nothing but free marketing to drive organic traffic to his blog.  Today, David Wood earns $5000+ per day due to his Internet Marketing skills.

After David starting seeing tremendous results he started coaching others on how to duplicated his success.   After several months of coaching David saw a trend that he did not like.  You see, his students could not duplicate his process because they were part-time and they were constantly struggling with the technical aspects of properly setting up a blog.

David realized that he needed to create a blogging platform for individuals so that they could start applying his Internet Marketing strategies without going through all of the technical aspects of getting a business set up online.  Thus, he developed the Empower Network which totally eliminates all of challenges of getting started online while paying all of his members that join 100% affiliate commissions.  So far, it looks like there is not an Empower Network Scam, let’s continue.

100% Commissions?  Empower Network Scam?

People Are Struggling to Understand How a Company Can Pay 100% Commissions and Still Be Legit

David Wood has always been known as an individual that cares about helping others.  It was only 3 short years ago that he was living in a van just trying to survive and he wants nothing more than to teach others how to make money online.  David created the Empower Network comp plan so that there is a pass-up system which creates teamwork but also creates long-lasting residual income. 

empower network scamDavid Wood and David Sharpe build their businesses exactly the same as everyone else.  They get paid using their affiliate link and they make 100% commissions off of the sales that they make.

Within the first two months of launching the Empower Network paid out over $2,000,000 in 100% affiliate commissions.  David Wood estimates that they will pay out over $50,000,000 in commissions in 2012 as the international business continues to experience record breaking growth.  Certainly this would lead anyone to believe that there is no Empower Network Scam.

Let’s Determine Once and For All if There is An Empower Network Scam

Are People Making Any Money?

First and foremost, are affiliates making money using this system?   With over 2 million dollars in 100% commissions paid out in the first two months it should be obvious that there is plenty of money being made within the Empower Network.


Is There Value Being Exchanged For Money?

The product being offered is a complete viral blogging and marketing system that anyone can use to promote any business, opportunity or brick and mortar business.  The Empower Network is currently ranked as one of the top websites in the world so it makes it incredibly easy to rank for keywords when using their blogging platform.  In addition, they also offer several other advanced training options including the ‘Inner Circle’ membership that is teaches Internet Marketing skills and techniques.  All together, the training found within the Empower Network is valued at over $20,000.  So yes, there is plenty of value being exchanged for money.

Is There a Product Being Offered?

As discussed above, there are several products being offered at the Empower Network.  For a more detailed look at the product offerings please visit the Empower Network Product Page.

Empower Network Scam Final Thoughts

Again, I commend you for being skeptical in today’s marketplace but I can assure you that there is certainly NOT an Empower Network Scam.  I invite you to browse through the rest of this site to learn more about the Empower Network opportunity.

I am so confident that there is not an Empower Network Scam that I am offering over $20,000 in bonuses to anyone that joins my Empower Network Team (even at the $25 Basic Membership Level).

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns I am just a phone call away.  I am always here to help and I look forward to hearing from you (even if you still think there is an Empower Network Scam).  :)

In addition to answering any questions that you might have you can also access a copy of our teams FREE ’6-figure Empower Network Success Formula’ video simply by filling in your name and email address in the form on the right or below.

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empower network scam

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empower network scam

empower network scamempower network scam


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