What Is The Empower Network?

An In-Depth Look at The Empower Network

Greetings and welcome to my “no-hype” review of the Empower Network. My name is Eric Land and my goal here is to provide you with an inside look and the real facts about the Empower Network so that you can make an educated and well-informed business decision on whether or not this WordPress blogging and marketing system is right for you.

My only request is that you take your time to thoroughly go through each and every tab that is found on this website so that you have a very good understanding of the entire Empower Network business model.

Empower Network Review Welcome Message

Honestly, I’m sick and tired of seeing all of the “get-rich-quick” schemes and “push-button” success programs that are scattered all over the Internet.  I have been building online businesses for over 10 years now and I was suckered into a few of these programs in the beginning because I was naive and didn’t know any better.  Before we begin this review let me assure you that the Empower Network is a legitimate company with a solid track record.

 The Nuts and Bolts of This Empower Network Review and The Bonuses Found Within

  • This Empower Network Review is designed to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the Empower Network viral blogging and marketing system.
  • Learn from some of the top full-time Empower Network entrepreneurs and see exactly how to properly build an online business using the Empower Network.
  • I will never try and convince you to join the Empower Network. However, I will provide the real facts (no-hype nonsense) on the business opportunity so that you can make a knowledgeable decision on whether or not the Empower Network is right for you.
  • Have an opportunity to join one of the fastest growing teams in the Empower Network while receiving over $17,389.00 in Bonuses and Internet Marketing Training today.

How Powerful Is The Empower Network?


Who Is Eric Land?

…And Why Should You Listen to Him?

empower network

I’m excited that our paths have finally crossed and that we have a chance of working together in the Empower Network. You will soon discover that I have made it my personal mission to positively influence and mentor as many individuals as I possibly can.

My number one core value is Integrity and I will never promote or sell a system or product that I do not personally use or believe in.  I’ve tested the Empower Network and the results have been staggering.

I’ve been a full-time online entrepreneur since September 2nd of 2011 when I left my 6-figure a year Corporate America job. After suffering a mini-stroke from stress at the age of 31 I came to the conclusion that there was more to life than a “J.O.B.” Prior to realizing this I was working 80+ hours a week and I was neglecting the things that were the most important to me: My family, friends and my health.

Once I made the decision to go full-time online I invested thousands of dollars in training and resources so that I could take back my life and become my own boss. I tapped into some of the most powerful online systems to build my business and today I enjoy several online income streams including the Empower Network.

I’ve systematized my entire business and I’ve created a blueprint for success that anyone can follow. I don’t need to sit here and make false promises and claims like so many others in this industry do. If you choose to join my team you will be shown the exact strategies that you can use to build a 5-figure monthly income for yourself using the Empower Network.

My team knows that I have an open door policy. Are ready to start systematically growing your wealth with the Empower Network starting today? Go ahead and call or email me anytime…I’m here to answer all of your Empower Network questions.

empower network






Is the Empower Network For You?

Whether you are new to making money online or if you have been doing it for years, you know that the Internet Marketing learning curve is incredibly steep! Some of the biggest challenges that people face when building an online business are the “technical aspects” and know-hows of creating a blog or a website. Trust me when I say that I personally spent thousands of dollars and invested hundreds of hours of my time learning all of the technical aspects on my own (before the Empower Network was available).

When I first started, I had to learn how to create my own capture pages, sales pages, and autoresponders and then I had to learn how to get traffic to my blog so that I could make some sales. There were many sleepless nights during this time in my life.

I Soon Learned That There Are Two Critical Pieces for Any Online Business:

  • Traffic
  • Conversion

The Good News: Getting traffic is easy once you know how. Several of the modules in our teams dedicated Empower Network Training Area show you exactly how to drive targeted traffic to your blog.

The Bad News: You could have thousands of visitors coming to your blog or website every single day but if you have zero conversion you are wasting your time. No conversions = no income.

The Solution: One of the top online Internet Marketers and my personal mentor David Wood came up with a solution to remove ALL technical aspects of Internet Marketing. David Wood created the Empower Network so that anyone with any skill level could create income using the internet.

What does this mean for you? This means that you do not have to waste thousands of dollars of your own money or waste hundreds of hours of your time trying to figure the complex maze of Internet Marketing all on your own.

As you navigate your way through this Empower Network review you will discover that the Empower Network has taken away all of the “technical barriers” that Internet Marketers face today.

As we struggle through one of worst recessions that we have ever seen I get asked the same question over and over again…

“How Can I Start Making Online Income TODAY?”

empower network

Up until the Empower Network was born, answering that simple question was nearly impossible. You see, all of the “push-button” programs and “get-rich” schemes on the internet are complete non-sense and they are created for one reason; to steal your money. If making income online was that easy everyone would be doing it and you would see it all over the nightly news.

As briefly discussed above, the key to making money online is to build a highly converting website or blog and then drive lots of targeted traffic to that site. In order to successfully accomplish this on your own you are looking at a minimum of 6-8 months. For David Wood, this was not acceptable

“What if we could remove all of the technical aspects and provide a proven way to market, so that everyone could start making money…TODAY?” – David Wood

And Thus, The Empower Network Was Created

The Empower Network has completely revolutionized the Internet Marketing and online income business by allowing it’s users to have an optimized WordPress blogging and marketing system setup within seconds of joining.

Instead of building your own sales funnel (like I did) you instantly have one of the highest converting sales funnels built for you the moment you join. After logging in to your back office for the first time you will be shown exactly how to start driving targeted traffic to your high conversion sales funnel.

I would have saved myself thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours if the Empower Network would have been available to me when I started my Internet Marketing journey.

empower networkThe best part about the Empower Network is that you can use the blogging and marketing platform to market any business, system, opportunity, brick-and-mortar store, or affiliate product. You can blog about whatever you want; It’s your blog!

If you don’t currently have one of the income making options listed above you are still in luck. You can simply market the Empower Network blogging system and you will make 100% affiliate commissions from every sale that you make.

And yes, you just read that right…

100% Affiliate Commissions From Every Empower Network Sale!



Can YOU Have Success with The Empower Network?

Unfortunately I cannot answer this question for you just as nobody could answer this question for me when I started my online income journey. To be fair, I do not know your work ethic or if you have a desire to succeed. When I decided that I wanted to be my own boss I knew that nothing would stop me from achieving my goals.

What I can do is provide you with the steps that I took to achieve success online and with the Empower Network. Once you join, it’s up to you on whether you apply the steps and the training that you receive and take action towards reaching your goals. I am only a phone call or an email away and I’m always here to help my team!

The Empower Network paid out over $2,000,000 (yes million) in affiliate commissions in it’s first two months online. The best part is that the majority of these commissions are 100% residual meaning they pay after month after month. The technical barrier has been removed allowing anyone to reach any level of success that they desire.

One of the benefits to joining the fastest growing Empower Network team is that you will receive instant access to our Empower Network Mastermind Training Site. You will be completely shocked at the amount of free training that is found on this site and just how easy it is to follow and implement.

empower networkAs someone that started out in this industry with absolutely nothing I am confident in saying that I know exactly what you need to get started. You need a road-map and a step-by-step action plan to follow.

The training site offers just that; a step-by-step outline on how to properly use the Empower Network to create massive results. The training site is filled with marketing principles, resources and systems that any skill set can use to start making massive residual income immediately!

So let’s go back to the original question. Can you have success with the Empower Network? After reading the above I would love to hear your answer. :)

Empower Network Review Continued…


You came to this site to learn all about the Empower Network WordPress blogging and marketing system and to figure out if it is the right business for you. Please take some time and check out all of the tabs along the top of this site. By visiting each tab I can assure you that all of your questions will be answered and you will be ready to make an informed decision on whether or not the Empower Network is right for you.

In addition to answering any questions that you might have you can also access a copy of our teams FREE ’6-figure Empower Network Success Formula’ video simply by filling in your name and email address in the form on the right or below.


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