Blueprint Blog Training

It was only 3 short months ago that I made a decision to start this blog.  You see, I have been building online businesses since 2001 and I have experienced some incredible ups and downs throughout my ten year online income journey.

In 2001 I started selling items online just so my wife and I could keep the lights on in our duplex.  We were flat broke and we needed money.  By 2007 I had reached Gold Powerseller status on eBay and had sold over a quarter-million dollars in merchandise in just one year!

In 2010 I made a decision to get into Internet Marketing.  I knew that making money money online was possible and I had seen several individuals that were making 6 and 7-figure yearly incomes through Internet Marketing.

blog training

Seriously…FREE Blog Training?

Early on in my online income journey I learned to study those that were successful and then apply the same methodology and strategy that they were using to grow my own business.  There is no point in trying to reinvent the wheel; right?

When I decided to get into the Internet Marketing arena I found some of the industries top leaders and I invested thousands of dollars into their training programs.  I spent months and months digesting the information.  I took the information and started applying massive action.  I created this blog (and several others) and I started to build out my very own Perpetual Funnel System.

Nearly 3 months later I have monetized several blogs and I am getting 5-10 leads per day consistently.  Yesterday, I made over $3000 in commissions of which $300 is monthly residual income.  I am not telling you this to “toot my own horn,” or to brag.  I’m telling you this because making money online is very possible if you have the right mentor, training and blueprint to get you there.

On New Year’s Eve my wife asked me what my New Year’s resolution was for 2012.  It was at that very moment that I decided that I’m sick and tired of all these ‘gurus’ charging people thousands of dollars for blog training programs.  Typically, these blog programs leave out very, very critical components and by the end of the training you are back to square one.

I also made a decision that I was not going to charge $997, $497, $97 or even $47 for my blog training course.  I’m going to give it away for absolutely free!  It is going to be my way of giving back to those that are currently struggling.  This is going to be very throughout blog training!


“To Whom Much Is Given, Much is Expected!”



 Blog Training Blueprint

My plan is build up a very large video library that you can use anytime that you want….for free.  This video library is going to provide a step-by-step blueprint on how to properly build a blog, monetize it and crate several streams of income.

The free blog training will include (but not limited to):

  • How to buy a and forward a domain
  • How to get hosting set up and move name servers
  • How to set up blog and install a theme
  • The ins-and-outs of a WordPress blog
  • What is a funded proposal
  • What is an Autoresponder?
  • The Importance of Optimize Press
  • Creating a Capture Page
  • Optimizing Your Blog (SEO)
  • Marketing Strategies (video, article, ppc, etc.)
  • Automating the Entire Process
  • Building Streams of Income
  • And much more….


I anticipate having a lot of the training videos completed by early February and I will continue to add more and more videos to the library.  Stay tuned for an update on the launch of the training.  If you are struggling to put all the pieces of the Internet Marketing puzzle in place you are definitely going to want to be a part of this training.

There is no “secret” to creating income online.  The key to success is to tap into a mentor that you can show you exactly how they have been successful – that’s exactly what I’m going to do!  This blog training is not going to leave any stone unturned!